StellaFunny VR Cam Review

StellaFunny is one of the cutest girls I’ve yet seen on virtual reality cam. She has a really adorable face, and although her bio says she is 24, her cute features make her look able to pass a University Fresher. That’s not to say she isn’t all woman in terms of her body. She has big, ripe, and juicy breasts that look 100% natural. Her personality on cam completely matches her cute girly appearance too. She seems genuinely warm hearted, with a lovely honest smile and an evident eagerness to please and innocent delight when she does so. At the time of this review (October 2021) she admits to being ‘new’ to VR camming, and sometimes it shows. Luckily for this popular girl, there are usually 2 or 3 hardcore VR connoisseurs who help her to get the VR cam positioning right, and horny fans to suggest something new for her to do during the show. Her actions are often spontaneous and fresh, really obviously somebody who is learning how to tease live in VR, and it comes across as both charming and erotic.


When I visited her live VR cam chat room, she was constantly trying to entertain and encourage interaction with her fans. Wearing see-thru panties and bra, she had a little remote-controlled pink vibrator inserted into her pussy. Even though there were only 2 or 3 people in the room at the start of the show, and only one person infrequently typing anything, she wasn’t still for one moment. No twiddling of her thumbs looking bored for Stella when the room is quiet. The closest she came to that during a quiet spot, was sucking her thumbs and looking sad at having nobody to play with!

This girl is a totally adorable babe and it’s a real treat to feel yourself on the same bed as her in virtual reality. One of the great things about VR cams at this early stage in their development is that the rooms of cam model’s like Stella are always quiet, which means that you have a real chance to talk to her and build a relationship even before you go private with her.